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COVID-19 Hours:
Saturday-Tuesday: 11a-6p 
Appt Only

​COVID-19 Update (4/27/21)
We are allowing one guest who is in your quarantine bubble. You're welcome to videochat with whomever you wish. We are taking appointments for Saturday-Tuesday only.

We can make masks from most fabrics and can make one from any excess dress fabric (like if we do a hem and there's a lot of left over fabric). Please let us know if you're interested! Formal wear fabric masks are $25.

Have a wedding coming up and you just can't find that perfect dress? Got a suit and jacket combo that used to fit you, but now sits a bit oddly on your shoulders? Or did you buy a dress already, but there's just something off about it? Feel free to come to us about these struggles and anything else you might need for your wedding attire! 

​We do not up-charge for the word "wedding." All of your alterations will be priced according to how much time it will take. 

A note about guests: 

We suggest having the first fitting be guest free as multiple opinions can make figuring out what you want your outfit to look like more difficult. After your first fitting, you are more than welcome to bring guests and we encourage you to bring whoever will be helping you get ready the day of for your final fitting.

Want to make your fitting extra special? We can cater from the local bakery so that you and your guests can enjoy this special time with you! Click here to set up an appointment with goodies!

As a note, we will need a decent lead up time to have your fitting, do our work, then make sure it fits you! Because of the nature of what we do, wedding season (Memorial Day to Labor Day) can get really hectic. Work can pile up and the chance of being put on a waiting list can get really high, so please let us know about what you need as soon as possible!