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Have a wedding coming up and you just can't find that perfect dress? Got a suit and jacket combo that used to fit you, but now sits a bit oddly on your shoulders? Or did you buy a dress already, but there's just something off about it? Feel free to come to us about these struggles and anything else you might need for your wedding dresswear! Feel free to check our pricing list so you can see how much our work will cost you, but keep in mind that these numbers are only here to give you a very general idea of how we price things.

As a note, we will need a decent lead up time to have your fitting, do our work, then make sure it fits you! Because of the nature of what we do, wedding season (Memorial Day to Labor Day) can get really hectic. Work can pile up and the chance of being put on a waiting list can get really high, so please let us know about what you need as soon as possible!