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Tailor shop Uncommon Closet stitches community together, affirming and catering to queer clientele

Tailor shop Uncommon Closet was founded to help queer clients fit into market clothing, as tailoring projects for trans individuals in particular are often turned away at traditional venues (due to cost, difficulty, or prejudice). Owner Kate Burton, employees and a customer talk about the value of an affirming tailoring shop as it relates to identity.

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Welcome To Kate Burton's Uncommon Closet, A Tailoring Shop For The Queer Community

In the summer of 2017, Kate Burton decided she'd had enough of the lack of clothing options available for her . A broad-shouldered, 6'2" tall transgender woman, her then-fiancé not only struggled to find clothes that fit, but she also had trouble finding an affirming tailor to alter the clothes she already owned.